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Hochani Kachina 2

Item #: P-1072
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About this artwork: Pencil signed black & white Giclé Print of a vintage traditional Hochani kachina.

Artwork by: Photography: J. Leonard - Kachina: unknown

Print details:

The giclée art prints produced by Kitchi Manitou Artworks are made in Canada on professional photo and fine art papers, using the best archival pigment inks for the highest standard of excellence. They are produced individually one at a time as museum grade art reproduction should always be.

This is the most advanced fine art and photography technique of reproduction available today. Because of their exceptional resolution, colour accuracy, permanence, and quality, it has become the print standard for museums and art galleries around the world for the reproduction of their finest artworks.

Using this method of reproduction enables us to make sure each print meet our strict quality control and give our customers the assurance they have acquired an exceptional artwork that will last for decades.

Print Sizes 

As the artworks featured on Kitchi Manitou Artworks are from numerous and varied sources, the dimensions they have are also as diversified. Because of this, we have opted for 1 standard paper size:

• 13 x 19 in (33 cm x 48 cm)

Original artworks are always printed in their entirety, within these sizes, and offered to the nearest paper sizes in relation to their ratio. Please be aware that as dimensions of the printed images vary according to the original ratio size (or proportions), borders will also vary in width on the prints depending on the original artwork proportions and may need to be slightly trimmed before being framed.

Image size is obviously smaller than paper size as we leave a border on each side for easier framing and manipulation.  Although we have standard print sizes, exceptionally some artworks may be available in other non-standard dimensions. Please refer to the items’ Print Options to know the exact sizes available for each artwork. 

Types of Paper

Our Fine Art and Photographic prints are offered on the following types of paper:

• Matte prints are made on 100% cotton, archival and acid-free pH balanced media in ultra smooth finish and are also available on Fine Art textured mould-made finish for smaller size prints.
• Luster (semi-gloss surface with a satin finish) a heavyweight paper with the most spectacular vibrant colour gamut available on professional papers.

A number of art reproductions and photographic prints may be offered on other types of paper. Please refer to the Print Options drop-down menu on each listing to know the types of paper available for this specific artwork.

Kitchi Manitou Artworks Seal

Prints and photographs produced by us are embossed with the Kitchi Manitou Artworks seal of authenticity in the margin or on a sheet of information on the back of the print. This gives you the assurance that you have acquired an original print produced by Kitchi Manitou Artworks workshop and that it is of the highest level of quality. A few prints we sell are provided by third parties and do not show the Kitchi Manitou Artworks seal. They are of the same quality level as our own prints and benefit of the same guarantee. You can buy them with confidence.

Gallery 3 and Serendipity pages

These sections of our website are offering original artworks, handicrafts and miscellaneous objects, made by various artists and not produced by Kitchi Manitou Artworks. They can be made on any kind of materials or medias. Read each product description carefully to know more about the product.

Keywords: katchina, katsina, Hopi, Arizona, Second Mesa

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